First Time Flying on a Plane Tips

First time travelers

Written by Erich Allen So, you’ve taken the plunge and decided to catch your first ever flight. You may have been holding off because of ticket prices, you prefer road trips instead, no reason to fly, or—one of the more commonly heard reasons—you always had a fear of flying. Regardless of the reason holding you […]

Getting the Application

Written by Erich Allen There are few things that can make a difference between an easier travelexperience and a more difficult one, and by our estimation, installing an applicationon your phone will make all the difference in hard times. Too many times we seeflights get delayed, gates get changed, or takeoff times being adjusted, and […]

Does a Travel Pillow Count as a Personal Item?

Are most aware today of just how many variations of travel pillows there are? Off the top of our heads, many can easily think of the semi-circle neck huggers that are perhaps the most likely of all imagined when discussing travel pillows. There are also small inflatables, cube pillows, tray pillows, and of course, the […]

America’s Best and Worst Airports

As any experienced traveler can attest to, vacation plans can be significantly impacted by the airports that many choose to travel through. From delayed flights to missed connections, long security lines, dismal food options, and lost luggage, there are a number of ways that things can and will go wrong. Fortunately, not all airports are […]

How Does Travel Change Your Ideas and Views

The Chinese culture has a proverb that goes, “traveling thousands of miles is better than reading thousands of books,” From our experience, this expression could not be further from the truth. While scary for some, the advantages a person gains in experience from seeing a world outside their own is beyond a value that words […]